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Mercoledi, 03 Dicembre 2008, 10:56
For several years now a small group of scholars, teachers and researchers in the field of English Language and Linguistics, or what is known so prosaically as L-Lin/12, have met here in Siena on various occasions and taken the opportunity to exchange on work in progress, to present findings, to try out hypotheses and contributions to conferences and to share our views. Our work centres on data, both qualitative and quantitative, on language in use, and on texts from many different sources and genres – political, literary, media, advertising. A whole range of language areas have been covered: text grammar, politeness, semantic prosody, evaluation and appraisal, irony, lexical change in newspaper discourse, corpus assisted discourse studies and more. The encounters have always been stimulating and enjoyable as well as providing much food for thought and a chance to have colleagues engage with data and discussion. So we have decided to formalise this state of affairs, just slightly, by giving it a name, a home and advance notice for anyone who would like to come along or to present their own work in the field and get some feeprofblog_rwck. We are calling it SELLS (Siena English Language and Linguistics Seminars). We will be meeting in the Facoltà di Lettere, although we are an interfaculty group, and the next meeting will be on December 12th at 16:00 in Aula 447, San Niccolò. We usually have at least two contributions from outside Siena and one or two local presentations from the local English linguists. On the 12th we have on our menu:

Alan Partington Facoltà di Scienze Politiche Università diBologna Is corpus stylistics worth the effort? (and how much cheating is allowed?)
John Morley Facoltà di Scienze Politiche Università di Siena How national identity is constructed in the British Press.
Charlotte Taylor Università di Siena If on a winter's night two researchers...
and Anna Marchi University of Lancaster ...a challenge to assumptions of soundness of interpretation
Alison Duguid Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia Università di Siena Something rotten in shifting evaluative prosody

There will be another meeting on January 30th and one on 3rd April, later dates will be arranged later but we normally see each other around five or six times a year. So here is an open invitation to come along or to proffer a presentation for us all to engage with. If you are interested or wish to be kept in the loop about future SELLS programmes let us know and we will try to keep you informed. We usually meet on a Thursday or a Friday and, those who can, stay and have supper together after. You can contact us at the address below.

Alison Duguid, Anna Marchi, John Morley, Charlotte Taylor

c/o A Duguid
Facoltà di Lettere
San Niccolò
via Roma 56
53100 Siena


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