Exam date -April 2013

Martedi, 26 Marzo 2013, 09:09
The oral exam for the presentation of the TV comparative analysis will be 23rd April, 9 - 12 in my office. You should send me the material (transcript, contents list etc) by Wednesday 17th, one week before.

week 3

Martedi, 18 Dicembre 2012, 14:47
Further materials


Martedi, 09 Ottobre 2012, 11:12
Here are the slides from week 2. You will need to refer to the materials from last week and the tv files which you can find in the lab on the computers 6 and 7

Lingua inglese II 2012-2013

Martedi, 09 Ottobre 2012, 11:10
The course will run for the whole of October in plenary form and will continue on a tutorial basis.
Materials will be put on Prof Blog where possible or in the lab. Here are the slides from the first lesson

You will need to come to me with a USB pen drive to get your TV news broadcast for transcribing and describing
File Allegato, Lingua_inglese_II___102897.pdf
File Allegato, 50th_anniv_France3.txt
File Allegato, 50th_anniv_bbc.txt
File Allegato, 50th_anniv_RAI.txt
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