prova in itinere results

Martedi, 13 Dicembre 2016, 08:54
I have put in most of the results on the exam page but the sytstem would not accept all names so here are the results for the remaining people.
I have put initials to respect privacy
LJP 27
NCM 30
IS 25
LA 26
OPR 30
RS 30

weeks 6 and 7

Sabato, 19 Novembre 2016, 11:35
Here are the materials for the final part of the course.

weeks 4 and 5

Giovedi, 10 Novembre 2016, 10:58

Week 1 Slides and other materials

Giovedi, 13 Ottobre 2016, 11:05
This is where you will find most of the materials for the course organised week by week
In the first week you get information about course structure and as an introductory exercise for text analysis we look at texts and context and how context affects language.
We look at the structure of tv news and investigate contrastive analysis through examination of a case study (50th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome


Giovedi, 13 Ottobre 2016, 11:02
Here you will find materials related to the second case study (Russia/Ukraine deal).
national vs transnational tv news.
Comparative analysis
Analysing the news, conventional elements used to make a news item
Identifying salient differences in the presentation of an event

Week 3

Giovedi, 13 Ottobre 2016, 10:59
News values and content lists
news values and identifying evaluation
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