esami settembre 2016 risultato modulo docente da verbalizzare con Prof Zanca

Venerdi, 30 Settembre 2016, 11:53
Questi sono i risultati del modulo. Bisogna contattare Prof Zanca per la verbalizzazione finale.

Numero di matricola Voto

040692 18
040768 27
040769 18
041171 25
041937 18
044330 18
045990 18

risultati finale modulo

Martedi, 02 Dicembre 2014, 15:49
ecco il risultato finale (media fra group work + prova in itinere)

027380 29
042213 27
040134 29
041119 28
040663 28
041266 29
040306 29
040468 28
041315 26
051706 29
041078 28
040324 29
040100 29
043032 28
040790 28
042055 29
040099 29
041312 29
035543 29
042415 25
041278 29
040634 26
041230 29
33551 28
034066 28
034005 29

group presentations

Giovedi, 13 Novembre 2014, 11:07
Here are the slides and texts presented by the groups. Remember that we had discussions in class about some errors in the interpretations so non-attenders need to go to the bibliographies at the end of the presentations to check their understanding.

group work

Giovedi, 13 Novembre 2014, 11:04
Here are the groups with their topics and some of the readings they have been working on. Presentations will be carried out in class in the lessons on the 4th, 5th and 11th of November.

The topics are:
Speech and thought presentation
Point of view

There are many sources for these topics I have included some books and articles for each topic. Look at the Appraisal webpage and download the handbook from Here you will find information about appraisal, graduation and engagement.

I have uploaded the book Patterns and Meanings in Discourse and you will find information on Evaluation in chapters 2 and 3, though Chapter 1 of Hunston and Thompson's Evaluation in Texts will be the best guide; Irony and Metaphor are dealt with in PMinD in Chapters 4 and 5.Ther is also a chapter on oral interaction which deals with politeness issues.
The froups will present their work in order of appearance from the 4th of November. They will explain the topic, the terms used and will give out a text which illustrates how it works in practice.

For the prova in itinere you will have ten questions to answer on what was presented through the slides and illustrated by the texts; you will have to give definitions and an account of the terminology to show you have understood. You will not get your own topic to comment on so you will need to listen to the other presenters.
Non frequentanti will have a written exam in January. Since they were not part of the process and discussion of the presentations (not all of which were perfect) they are stronlgy advised to read the materials suggested in the bibliographies provided by the groups at the end of their presentations.
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