risultati prova 18 febbraio 2013

Sabato, 23 Febbraio 2013, 18:59
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risultati prova novembre 2012

Venerdi, 30 Novembre 2012, 15:03
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risultati prova 24 luglio

Mercoledi, 25 Luglio 2012, 22:17
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general instructions

Martedi, 24 Aprile 2012, 16:10
IN general you should read the course programme on the faculty site then read the slides from the lessons then read the material suggested from the bibliography then read the instructions for the exam

weeks 4 and 5

Domenica, 15 Aprile 2012, 10:02
File Allegato, Text_work_2.doc
File Allegato, Words_and_Meanings.ppt
File Allegato, Sample_analysis_of_a_text.doc
File Allegato, Text_work.pdf

week 3

Sabato, 24 Marzo 2012, 13:29
here are the slides in PDF and the texts we looked at. The video clips can be seen in the computer lab, under Didattica there is file with my name and the files. You can access with your usual user name and password.

week 2

Venerdi, 16 Marzo 2012, 18:50
here are the slides, reading texts used in class and instructions for one way of downloading tg 's from streaming. I have also put the list of days assigned to each student for the exam data tasks.
Try to compare the different texts about the Goldman Sachs issue, looking in particular at linguistic choices related to evaluation, graduation and attribution. They focus on differnt elements and it iti interesting to see how they deal with the data they have from performative documents and statements.

materials week 1

Sabato, 10 Marzo 2012, 18:34
here are the materials for the course which I will put up at the end of every week
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